Hollywood Insider Secret #1

Want to attend a star-studded awards show for FREE? We tell you how! This is a little-known secret that only Hollywood-insider's share with their friends. Now you can have access to this information!

You see your favorite star in front of you, now what? How do you proceed? How do you get on their good side? How do you get what you want? We tell you!

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Hollywood Insider Secret #2

Where to buy clothing worn by the stars! Would you like to get a skirt worn by Angelina, or perhaps a jacket Brad wore? How about shoes worn by your favorite soap star?

Little Known CELEBRITY SECRETS about the "Celebrity Hand and Foot Ceremony" at Manns Chinese Theatre!

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Hollywood Insider Secret #3

The BEST LOCATIONS around town used by filming crews. Get a a daily listing of shows shooting around LA and NY! There are several "hot spots" used downtown by major productions seven days a week. Get the list! SIGN UP NOW!

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Hollywood Insider Secret #4

Hollywood and Highland facts and secrets! Discover the story behind this new Hollywood hot spot. Why was it designed the way it was? Who can visit the interior of the auditorium? Hollywood Athletic Club SECRETS! Did you know hollywood hunks from yesteryear to now frequent this place? Discover the hijinks that went one!

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Hollywood Insider Secret #5

Complete List of Star Hangouts! Learn the hot restaurants, clubs and beaches where you can surely find a star or two hanging out.

2 Surefire Tips on Getting Celebrity Unlisted Addresses. Can't find your favorite in our list of 600? Try one of these!

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Hollywood Insider Secret #6

Hollywood Forever Cemetery: Where the STARS live on! Find out where to go to pay your respects to your favorite star that's gone to the big stage in the sky. MALIBU Hot spots! Did you know that Malibu is not only a great spot to surf, but to catch movie productions and Matthew Mcconaughey jogging with his shirt off? We'll tell you where!

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Hollywood Insider Secret #7

Visit The Brady Bunch House, Batcave, Providence, etc! Drive to the location of these famous land marks. Want to see the house used in Beverly Hills 90210? How about Roswell?

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Hollywood Insider Secret #8

Star hangouts - Restaurants! Top-notch places to catch a glimpse of your favorite celebrity.

Star hangouts - Famous Locations! Where do these folks hang out? Find out here!

Star hangouts - More Famous Locations! Even more places to find your favorite celebrity!

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Hollywood Insider Secret #9

Want something free? How about a FREE e-book; "Secret Guide to All Things Celebrity!

Learn how to meet a celebrity, secrets to autograph collecting, being mistaken for a celebrity, crashing their parties, where they get a nip tuck and more! FREE with membership!

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Welcome to Hollywood on Location

Hollywood on LocationPlanning a trip to Hollywood (or NY) and want to see Stars?!

Hollywood on Location offers you that opportunity by providing complete information from where to find stars in Los Angeles, to where they hang out, live/eat/party! We have it here!

Want a list of locations OF PRODUCTIONS going on NOW ... in ALERT/CALENDAR FORM that has the name of the show/film, the date of production, address and time of production? 

What about just cruising around town and visiting famous locations like the Brady Bunch House,  the Bat Cave or the site of the BLACK DALIA murder? Then SIGN UP!

Take a look at our services by clicking the SIGN UP link above.

Hollywood on Location brings the action up close. Bring your camera, take pictures (please, not during actual filming) and maybe get an autograph!

FREE Information:


Sneak Peek at Famous Restaurant

Canter's Delicatessen: The Mecca of the late-night Hollywood hipster coterie, this Fairfax-La Brea institution is open 24 hours and usually crowded. It's where Nicholas Cage ran into old friend Patricia Arquette, they fell in love and have been married (now divorced). 419 N. Fairfax Ave., Los Angeles. Read More


Sneak Peek at Famous Movie Locations

Malibu Colony: In director Robert Altman's 1973 private-detective drama "The Long Goodbye," gumshoe Philip Marlowe visits femme fatale Eileen Wade at this very exclusive gated celebrity enclave. Residents include Tom Hanks, Sting, Rob Reiner. 23554 Malibu Road, Malibu.

Marilyn Monroe Home: This charming Brentwood mansion is the place where Monroe died of a drug overdose on August 4, 1962. Many reporters and Hollywood friends believe that Monroe was murdered here because of her affairs with John and Robert Kennedy. 12305 5th Helena Drive. Brentwood, CA. Marilyn actually lived in over forty homes and apartments in and around Los Angeles. For a complete list including her history with husbands, pets and hollywood, visit Marilyn Monroe's fan site. Read More